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A REAL manufacturer of CNC and 3D parts based in Italy.

NXT SPEEDis not just a group of specialists in traditional mechanics based on the law of subtraction, we believe in innovation and in what the future will be.

Driven by the desire to overcome the production constraints imposed by traditional technologies, we have integrated the use of additive technologies into our company offer.


Such as?

We have created a unique team, which has the desire and tenacity to keep up with the new needs of the markets and consumers.

Using state-of-the-art machinery, we apply our knowledge and skills in the field of additive manufacturing to support designers and technicians from all sectors in the design, optimization and production of prototypes and finished products.

Here’s what we do!

Before physically making the required components, we take care of the 3D design that allows us to create completely custom and customized objects on the customer’s request.

We turn to companies that need to make small and medium production batches, but also to individuals with the most varied requests…

Through FDM technology, but also through resin printers with stereolithographic technology (SLA), we create aesthetic and functional prototypes, but also functional pieces suitable for various uses.

All this through a direct and constant contact with the customer who is followed to identify the most suitable technology and material for the development of the projects, supporting him from prototyping to the realization of the final components.

We are professionals with specific training on additive manufacturing techniques and processes, aimed at optimizing your products.

Your reference for 3d printing



We dedicate the utmost accuracy to every project, studying every detail, in order to get the best result.


We follow our customers with a direct relationship e constant support, offering maximum availability and looking for the best solutions for their projects to realize.


Our carefully selected staff and constantly updated on a technical level in the use of the most suitable tools and machines, always works with competence and professionalism to guarantee high level services.