3D Printing


To produce robust, durable and dimensionally stable parts, we use 3D printers and thermoplastics specifically devised for industrial mass production.

Compared to any other 3D printing technology, FDM, that stands for fused deposition modelling, guarantees top-level accuracy and repeatability.


The techniques of photo-polymerization support us in the production of prototypes, but also elements useful for functional tests as well as final ones. Additionally, we realise parts for the dentistry sector, thanks to the innovative printing technologies we adopted.

Photo-reactive liquid resins are exposed either to a laser or a light that polymerizes them. We obtain parts with the highest resolution and precision, extremely detailed and with an excellent surface finish.


For the production of extremely elaborated geometries with hollow interior details or thin walls, we use selective laser sintering. These parts have excellent mechanical properties, other than strength and good surface finish, with results that compare to injection moulding.


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