Nylon +

Nylon+ shows excellent mechanical properties and resistance to chemical agents.

It is suited for making objects that require high resistance to abrasion and temperature. It is the ideal material for the realisation of jigs and tools, gears or guides that will not wear out over time.

  • Abrasion resistant
  • Suitable for food use
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals and oils

Nylon PA GF

Nylon PA GF is a nylon reinforced with hollow glass microspheres, which determine high thermal performance and high structural strength useful to produce parts that are less dense, while being more resistant and electrically insulating.

Excellent to create resistant objects, it is extensively appreciated in the automotive sector.

  • Very high rigidity
  • Excellent thermal resistance
  • Excellent dielectric properties

Nylon PA CF

Nylon PA CF is the nylon with the highest mechanical strength, determined by the addition of carbon fibres.

Developed to ensure maximum layer adhesion and great resistance to temperature and stress, it is suitable to replace metals in industrial, automotive and cycling applications.

  • Very high rigidity
  • Resistant to high-temperature aging
  • Resistant to low temperatures

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