Consumer product developers, automotive engineers, dental labs, and countless other professionals are turning to 3D printing to improve their work.

Application Areas

Customization, digitalization and sustainability are the paradigms of modern industry.

Tailored geometries that are not limited by the manufacturing technologies, as well as on-demand productions in small, customized lots and at competitive prices  win out the market by minimizing delivery times, risks and warehouse costs.

Additive manufacturing is the solution to renovate the design, production and distribution processes, while gaining competitive advantages in the different markets.

Industrial automation and robotics

We build innovative components for companies that look to the future. By thinking additive, we optimize components with complex geometries that are impossible to realise with traditional production methods.


Thanks to 3D printing, you can get complex, stable and at the same time extremely lighter structures that, overall, reduce the consumption of vehicles. We make final and spare parts in limited runs, lowering costs and time.


Additive manufacturing allows the creation of highly customizable cases for consumer electronic devices that do not necessarily need assembly. Innovative, high-performance materials are used to guarantee functionality in critical environments.


With innovative materials, we produce functional elements that are useful for protecting components from risky electrical discharges.


Spare components that are scarcely available on the market or out of production can be replicated, improved and manufactured using additive technology.

Architecture and design

Architects and designers adopt 3D printing to create realistic and exceptionally detailed projects to present to their clients. The whole thing, with low time and costs of development.


We can realize equipment resistant to the contact with corrosive agents and noxious substances, linchpin of the chemical sector.

Medical and Dental

3D printing enables the creation of unique and cost-effective anatomical models, prosthetics and implants.


We use internationally certified polymers for the production of components that are sturdily built to resist  wear and tear and, at the same time, are suitable for food contact.


We work with resins and thermoplastics, perhaps with carbon and glass fibres, that can be used for the production of sports equipment and accessories. They are available in a full range of colours.


Packaging plays an increasingly important role: it is about communication, customization and creativity. We realize tailored packaging solutions, in small batches and at competitive prices.

Oil & Gas

Our materials are specifically formulated for 3D printers that guarantee resistance to corrosion, hydrocarbons, good traction properties and high thermal deflection.