We are specialists in the traditional mechanics based on the law of subtraction and also believe in innovation. Moved by the desire to overcome production constraints, we have integrated additive technologies into our offering.

We have created a unique team that keeps up with the evolving needs of markets and consumers. Using cutting-edge equipment, we apply our knowledge and expertise in additive manufacturing to support designers and technicians across all industries in the re-engineering, optimization and production of top performing prototypes as well as end use products.

3D Printing Service

We print any geometry, free from any delamination, making use of additive technology.

We work with more than 20 technical polymers and realise aesthetically-pleasing components, whose physical and mechanical properties guarantee structural efficiency and maximum performance.

Looking to the future for innovation, we revolutionize the manufacturing of components and support our customers in the optimization of their products.

For more than 30 years, on a daily basis, we have been handling plastics.

Our projects